Round Rock, Texas is a city located in the Greater Austin metropolitan area in Williamson County. Today the bedroom community of Round Rock is predominantly known as the international headquarters of Dell Computers but the city has a rich and storied past. The area’s earliest known inhabitants settled in and around present day Round Rock during the latter part of the Ice Age. The land occupied by Round Rock was also home to the Tonkawa, a hardworking Native American tribe. In the 19th century, a small community formed along the banks of Brushy Creek, leading to the settlement initially being called “Brushy.” The name was later changed to Round Rock after a round, anvil-shaped rock in the middle of the creek. The rock served as a marker of sorts to passing wagon, horse and cattle traffic, letting people know that the water at this part of the creek was low and perfect for crossing. After the Civil War, an Indian trader, guide and translator named Jesse Chisholm began moving his cattle towards Abilene, Kansas from South Texas, passing though Round Rock. The route Chisholm established crossed right over the Brushy Creek at the round rock and was eventually known as Chisholm Trail. Many of Round Rock’s original buildings still stand today in a historic area called “Old Town.”

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