The city of Pflugerville, Texas is located in Travis and Williamson counties and is considered to be a suburb of Austin, specifically part of the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos Metropolitan Area. The city takes its name from a German immigrant, Henry Pfluger, who settled in the area around 1849 or 1850. Pfluger immigrated to America with just $1,600 in his pocket, after he and his family lost everything in the Prussian War. Pfluger purchased some acreage and settled with his family, taking up farming where he raised corn, wheat, rye, beans, and more. It wasn’t until after the Civil War that, the area now known as Pflugerville really started to develop as a community. The 1870s saw the establishment of both a church and a school in the area with the community’s first business—a general store—arriving nearly two decades later in 1890. While the downtown area continued to grow over the years, it wasn’t until the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad came through that Pflugerville’s population really exploded. The town site of Pflugerville was platted in 1904. While the community experienced growth throughout the early part of the twentieth century, when the Great Depression hit, Pflugerville entered into a period of swift decline from which it would not recover until the mid-1960s, at which time it was incorporated. Following the city’s incorporation, Pflugerville’s population started to rebound.

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