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Carrier Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment

Today Carrier is known as a world leader in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Originally founded in 1915, Carrier was and is still known for manufacturing and distributing high quality HVAC systems, as well as commercial refrigeration and food service equipment. It was acquired by United Technologies Corporation in 1979. Named after Wilson Carrier, the man credited with inventing modern air conditioning, the Carrier Engineering Corporation was formed in 1915 when Wilson Carrier, along with six other engineers pooled together some money, eventually purchasing their first manufacturing plant in Newark, New Jersey in 1920.


When Carrier started marketing its air conditioning system to the residential market in the 1950s, it was seen a miraculous piece of technology and a major advancement in home comfort industry. In addition to modern air conditioning opening doors for countless other related industries, the invention also helped promote and enhance global productivity, health and personal comfort. Some even credit Carrier for contributing to the great suburban sprawl that took place in the 1950s—especially in more sparsely populated, warmer climate parts of the country such as the American Southwest.

Carrier Heating and Cooling System

Today, the well-respected Carrier brand permeates nearly every corner of the globe, creating comfortable and productive working and living environments, protecting and keeping fresh the world’s food supply not to mention helping ensure the safe transport of medical supplies worldwide. In the Austin, Texas area, Airco Mechanical is proudly partners with Carrier to provide residents with the high quality and supremely reliable heating and air conditioning equipment you have come to expect from the brand. The trained heating and cooling technicians at Airco Mechanical are well-versed in the Carrier furnace installation, AC repair and more. Call the HVAC experts at Airco Mechanical today!